I havent’ had a continuous activity on the 160 meters band during all my live as hamradio operator. The reason is because as you know, to work this band you need very big antennas as well as big space for ground planes. Also normally this band requires a separated antenna for reception purposes due to the fact that it is the most noisy band we have. Those antennas also require big space to extend a wide variety of reception antennas, beverages, loops, BOGs, pennants etc and normally as separate as possible from the TX antenna.

That is the reason why I still need to work some easy countries on this band that I hope to work soon.

Here you have the full list of entities of the EADX100 program that contains all the current DXCC entities plus the 4 WAE recognized countries as GM3M Shetland Isl. from Scotland, IT9 Sicily, JW/b Bear Island and 4U-VIC Vienna radio club.

Enjoy it



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