Here you can find some interesting audio records from nice and/or rare DX in the bands of 80 and 160 meters. There are also some audio records from other bands. Time to time I record those audios because I think that in the future should be appreciated to remember these nice stations.

All the records  are made directly from my station and for the bands of 80 and 160 I used one of the following antennas.

Transmition Antenna:  31 mh middle loaded vertical GP, with a ground plane of 3.500 sqm

Special antenna for reception: 180 m long beverage 2.5 mh pointing E/W open wire.

Special antenna for reception: 200 m long BOG beverage. 4 antennas covering all 4 main directions AS/AF/SA/NA

In some cases, you will need to connect a headphones due to the difficult to hear the signals because some are very weak and noisy. 🙂

Please visit this page time to time because more audios will be added.

Enjoy it


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xu7mdc-copia vp9-g4vyi-copia vk9ck-copia vk9ck-2-copia
vk6ir-copia vk4ma-copia vk3hj-copia vk0ek-copia
ua2f-copia s79sp-copia pz5k-copia pj4-w2id-copia
od5nj-copia kh6at-copia jw-dl7df-copia jt1co-copia
hz1fi-copia hs0zee-copia hc1pf-copia fy5ke-copia
ft4ja-copia ea6nb-copia e30fb-copia c92cc-copia
9q0hq-copia 9m2ax-copia 7qaa-copia 5j0p-copia
5b-rw9qa-copia k7zv jy9fc a45xr


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