I was born in 1966 and I started in radio at the end of the 1980 in the CB with a group of childhood friends. Suddenly I met my good friend and mentor Domingo Gil Manrique, Dom EA5TX (†). I participated with other local hams in the activitations of the local festivities from Vila-real with the stations ED5CSE (1981), ED5FPV (1981), ED5FVG (1983).


qsl-ea5tx qsl-ed5cse-copiar
qsl-ef5fpv-copiar qsl-ed5fvg

             I was examined in Castellón and I obtained the novice licence EC5BMD in the middles of 1983. My first QSO was with DL3CH on 10th of June, 1983 in 28 ssb at 16:20z. In that years and in order not to disturb my neighbours with my shouts operating SSB, I learnt CW, which was much more discreet. I was self-educated and I was improving my skills with the help of Dom EA5TX and with Rafael Sancho EA5DTX (ex EC5AVC) collaboration too. Months later my collegue Juan Antonio Bertolín EA5XQ (ex EC5BXX, EA5GAY) played with me CW. I still remember our CW QSO’s, inside highschool IFT from Vila-real, marking dasses and dots with a pencil over the desk in philosophy class. Since then, CW has been and is my passion. I am also QRV in other modes such as SSB but with lower frequency and in a residual activity digital modes like RTTY, PSK31 etc.


qsl-ec5bmd qsl-dl3ch
qsl-ea5dtx-copiar qsl-ec5bxx-copiar

        I obtained my licence EA5EXI in 1984 which I was active until august 1988 (8-8-88). In that date I was asigned the actual EA5BM callsign. To get this callsign and as per spanish legislation I had to credit it by the confirmation of  some QSL’s international activity from the precedent 5 years,(1983-1988). The following years I practised QRQ (high speed CW) in 40 meters band (7mhz) with friends like Eugenio EA4KA (ex EA4DAS), Angel EA7WA (ex EA7CEZ) and other HCC members. I reach credits to belong to VHSC, SHSC and EHSC but I never try to request formal membership in that mentioned high speed CW clubs.


qsl-ea5bm qsl-ea5exi

         EA5BM callsign was asigned for the first time in january 1934 to Mr. Ignacio Sánchez Ballesta, Orihuela (Alicante) citizen and previous EAR-314 and EAR-IS. Therefore EA5BM callsign has only been used by two persons, Ignacio Sánchez and Juan Luis Pla. It seems that EA5BM callsign has been related to contest because it was a contest champion organized by FAR before the Spanish Civil War (1936). This callsign has also get great successes with me as you can see in merits chapters of this web.

ear-is ear-314

QSL EA5BM 1934 ************************* QSL EA5BM 2010
qsl-ea5bm-1936 ea5bm

      My great passion in importance order has been and is DXing, QSL’s collecting, morsekeys collecting and participating in radio contest, specially in the CQWW contest in CW version, which is considerated because of its importance and big participation in the worldwide CW championship.

            Since Dom EA5TX death in 1994, I was president of the Local Section of URE (Unión Radioaficionados Españoles) from Vila-real. Radio amateurs was decreasing in number in Vila-real and so on in all the world due to the appearence of cell phones in first way and Internet in final way. This last reason has alowed the globalization of the comunications. In 2016 I resign from presiding that Section and with the most of the probabilities this one will be disolved because the low number of members. Nowadays there are less than 12 members (2 or 3 actives) and years ago there were almost 60.

          Nowadays and after a long activity with more than 250.000 QSO’s in my log (including own QSO’s  and contests ones), I have a radio activity quite reduced, almost exclusive to DXing and QSO’s which I consider interesting, with main atention to  low bands as 160 & 80 and some 6 meters activity.

Photos and Qsl´s

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